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The recent spate of attacks on horses. Using the thesaurus ; Close. Spatone® Liquid Iron is a Natural Iron Supplement, sourced from the iron rich waters at Trefriw Wells Spa, located in Snowdonia National Park North Wales. Moreover, this spate is highly opportune- if one assumes ( as do the authors of the book s under review) that classical scholars should be awar e of the world s of ideas and political realiti es that exist outside the borders of their discipline. The latest spate “ will fur­ ther strain the re­ la­ tion­ ship between Sil­ ic­ on Val­ ley and the NSA be­ cause it in­ volves in. A larger number of events than usual, especially unpleasant ones, happening at about the same time: 2.
Countable noun [ usually singular] A spate of things, especially unpleasant things, is a large number of them that happen or appear within a short period of time. Spate - definition and synonyms. These words appear in red, and are graded with stars. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. N a sudden forceful flow. Oct 23, · Ceton is done from the web GUI ( then reboot), host PC by editing " miniport bridge" properties. ” However, research suggests If a spate of new coffee shops open in your neighborhood, it’ ll be easy for you to stay wide awake. Then run WMC setup and enter the " miniport bridge" IP. State Department Policy Director Anne- Marie Slaughter’ s ( ) article in The Atlantic, “ Why Women Still Can’ t Have It All. 1 A large number of similar things coming in quick succession. Spate definition: 1. 90% of the time, speakers of English use just 7, 500 words in speech and writing. What are red words? A spate of books on the subject have come out recently. ‘ a spate of attacks on holidaymakers’. Spate ceton. You’ ll have easy access to plenty of caffeine.
A spate is a large number. The sudden spread of dust and debris from a collapsing building. One- star words are frequent, two- star words are more frequent, and three- star words are the most frequent. The current spate. If a river is in ( full) spate, it has more water in it. Common additions include ground meat from pork, poultry, fish or beef, fat, vegetables, herbs, spices, and either wine or brandy ( often cognac or armagnac).
A fast flow, rush, or outpouring: a spate of words. Definition of spate in English: spate. Latest NSA Overreach Awakens Tech Giants in Washington. Spate is a dark, brooding, and beautifully crafted emotional journey that is seen through the eyes of a struggling addict. ‘ A spate of viruses could force carriers to beef up their customer support staffs, which would drive up prices for all users. Spate is a surreal experience set in a world that seeks to draw the player into its reality.
( Physical Geography) chiefly Brit a sudden flood: the rivers were in spate. ( Physical Geography) chiefly Brit a sudden heavy downpour. To be debated as evidenced by the recent spate of publications by prominent successful women such as Facebook Chief OperatingOfficerSherylSandberg’ s( ) LeanIn, andPrin- ceton Dean and U. There was a spate of corporate mergers in the 1980s. ( June ) Pâté is a paste, pie or loaf existing of a forcemeat that at least contains liver. Synonyms: rush, surge, upsurge Types: debris storm, debris surge.